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ECCO - Eumundi Combined Community Organisation Ltd.

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Experience Eumundi – monthly lucky draw 2012


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Each month in 2012 ECCO will conduct a random draw from car parking tickets entries for one $50 Original Eumundi Markets voucher, subject to random draw 2012 terms and conditions.
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Since December 2008 the community of Eumundi has benefitted from market day car parking fees.
Following a unanimous decision by Sunshine Coast Regional Council in August 2008 to transfer the lease from private national contractors to a local consortium representing the interests of Eumundi, ECCO (Eumundi Combined Community Organisation Ltd) was formed as a multi-party agreement between three community associations: Eumundi and District Chamber of Commerce (ECC), Eumundi and District Community Association (EDCA) and Eumundi and District Historical Association (EHA).
This decision by Council has paved the way for a successful model for community-Council partnership.
The new arrangements bring benefits to stakeholders across the local community: residents, market stall holders, businesses and also to the huge numbers of visitors to the town who now have better access to the car parks.
ECCO has overall strategic objectives in its Constitution:
(a) To support projects that benefit the town of Eumundi and its surrounding areas, including but not limited to projects that enhance

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    community spirit and enjoyment;
  • community amenities;
  • community wellbeing and sustainability;
  • charitable purposes;
  • cultural purposes; and
  • historical purposes.

(b) To promote and encourage tourism and business opportunities that enhance the town of Eumundi and its surrounding areas.
(c) To acquire and operate communal activities, including but not limited to a community market car park for the general benefit of the town of Eumundi and its surrounding areas. For information on how ECCO will support community groups and projects go to the community projects page.
ECCO inaugural chairman John McCallum said, "We congratulate the new Council on adopting a model for car parking that is a much better fit with the community spirit of Eumundi. The community groups have come together to adopt this project which has the capacity to support economic and social development in the community."
Key ECCO documents:

   ECCO Constitution (pdf 2.3 MB)
   ECCO Inter Party Agreement (pdf 413 KB)
   ECCO Memorandum of Understanding (pdf 367 KB)

L to R: John McCallum (chair), Bob Loudon, Sue Langdon, Louis Formosa, John Sereni and John Kennedy. Eumundi District Community Assn IncEumundi Chamber of CommerceEumundi Historical Association