All about Eumundi

Eumundi is famous for its artisan markets, held each Wednesday, Friday & Saturday where artists, growers and providores sell their wares to locals and national and international tourists. Although the population of 4562 postcode is around 1200 people, it is a vibrant cultural hub with musicians, artists, sculptors, glass makers and writers who live here to immerse themselves in its vibrant energy and natural beauty for inspiration and solitude.

Despite the size of the community, it boasts it's own School of Arts, more than a dozen distinct community organisations, an award winning primary school, high quality community facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts and skate park to entertain the whole family. There is live music in the markets, as well as both the pubs, who deliver a vibrant music culture with everything from international acts to local jam nights to satisfy every musical taste.

Eumundi on a busy market day.

Much of the area was covered with dense scrub until the 1880s. Timber-getting, fruit-growing and dairying were the early industries across all of the local communities. Eumundi became the railhead in 1891 and with that the business centre developed. It's thought that the name Eumundi is derived from 'Huon Mundy', the name of a local Kabi Kabi warrior.

View the historic buildings and stroll in the shade of the magnificent memorial fig trees. The green trees, the green hills and the green open spaces are valued among locals and visitors, the fig tree being the Eumundi town symbol.

Take more than a day to enjoy Eumundi in one of its small, friendly accommodations. For visitor information visit Experience Eumundi.

Eumundi - unique - unforgettable.

There's always a great view to be found in Eumundi.